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Propagating your Mandevilla from cuttings!

”Are you a true Mandevilla fan with a green thumb and do you want to get the most out of your plant? Great! It’s not easy, but it is possible to propagate new plants from cuttings. Are you up for the challenge? We can help you with our Mandevilla cutting tips. Follow the steps below to get started!”

Tim – cultivation specialist at Mandevillashop.com

The best time to take cuttings from your Mandevilla is around June, when the unpredictable spring weather is behind you and summer is just around the corner!

1 . What do you need?

  •          An egg carton
  •          Aerated potting soil
  •          Plastic bag or sheet

2 . Getting started
Take a 6 cm cutting from a tip or side shoot with at least one mature leaf pair and follow the steps below:

  •          Cut the flower cluster from the branch.
  •          Take several cuttings, as some may not survive.
  •          Fill the holes of the egg carton with potting soil and moisten with a plant mister.
  •          Add one cutting to each hole, making sure the plant stem is entirely submerged in the soil.
  •          Put the egg carton in a plastic bag and tie it closed to create your own mini greenhouse! 

3 . Care
Put your greenhouse outside in a warm, shady spot. Check it every day to make sure the potting soil is moist. If you see condensation on the bag, open it slightly to create some ventilation. Be careful not to overwater your cuttings, as this may cause them to rot and die. If this happens, just try again with less water until it works.

After two weeks…
Check your cuttings. Remove them from the soil and check the bottom of the stem. Do you see a thicker area or a small root? If so, you can leave the bag open a small crack for one day. Open the bag entirely on the second day and remove the bag on the third day. Leave your cutting in the shade and be sure to water regularly to keep the soil moist.

When your cuttings start growing and the tip turns light bronze, you can move the plants to a spot with full sun or partial sun. As soon as the cuttings develop roots, separate them and replant them in a larger pot with the right potting soil. And there you have it: the start of your very own plant. From now on you can care for it as you would a mature Mandevilla. 

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