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Mandevilla insectspray

Savon Noir Jardin natural insect spray (500 ml) is a ready-to-use, plant-friendly spray to combat unwanted insects from your Mandevilla.

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The 500 ml Savon Noir Jardin spray was specially formulated to combat aphids. This black soap insect spray is made from Marius Fabre’s patented Savon Noir – a natural spray with no added chemicals.

Savon Noir Jardin can be used to combat aphids and scale insects on your Mandevilla and other plants, such as roses, ornamental plants, houseplants, fruit trees and even vegetables. The spray can also be used to remove black mould left by aphids.

Savon Noir is 100% environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The product is Ecocert® certified and can be used on organic crops.

Follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the infestation cannot spread to nearby plants. If possible, isolate the infected plant.
  • Remove as many aphids as possible by hand or cut away heavily infested parts.
  • Make sure there isn’t too much wind or move the plant out of the wind. Apply the spray on a warm, dry and not overly sunny day.
  • Apply the spray in the morning to prevent the liquid from evaporating too quickly and to allow it to coat the pests completely.
  • Make sure the leaves and any cuts are completely dry before spraying.
  • Only spray infested areas, not the entire plant.
  • Avoid contact with flowers, as the spray may damage the outer leaf layer. The more often the spray is used, the weaker the cell walls become. Flowers have extremely sensitive cell walls.
  • Shake well before use and avoid contact with eyes.

Repeat these steps until the infestation is gone (no more than once a week).

Savon Noir Jardin 500 ml
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Mandevillas are easy to care for and require virtually no upkeep. However, if you follow our care suggestions below, you can enjoy your Mandevilla for even longer.

Location: Full sun/partial sun/partial shade will keep your Mandevilla thriving.
Water: Moderate water once a week (if it hasn’t rained in a while).


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Mandevilla insectspray


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